About Majestic

Majestic-Webbing Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, and has been manufacturing all kinds of webbing for over 40 years. From yarn-drawing, weaving to dyeing processing, we have the solid techniques to satisfy customers’ requests and resolve any concerns. Depending on the material, customized webbing can be made with different levels of strength, tensile force, function, or color of webbing. The products we provide include the towing webbing for industrial purposes, leashes (for pets), seat belts, and elastic webbing etc.

Majestic-Webbing has the experience and confidence to provide thorough services and high-quality products to customers. From our complete and consistent manufacturing to quality inspections, all processes are closely monitored by experienced technicians.

Because of our high-quality webbing, Majestic-Webbing has been designated to be the supplier of many global, well-known companies. Our products have been sold and distributed internationally, including the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. If you have any kinds of need for webbing, please contact us.

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