Introduction of cotton

The perception of usage for insecticide in cotton fields is 20% from the worldwide total usage.

The square measure of cotton fields is only 2.4% from the total square measure of fields.

With the emergence of concept for environmental protection, the format of manufacturing is turned into organic items by many suppliers.

Besides, the amount of retailing has been rising from 2005 with USD600million to USD1100 million.

It is estimated that the amount will be USD6.8 billion in 2010, even to USD 7billion.

Owing to the function as keeping dry, breathe, etc. Which offers a sense of comfort, also enables the necessities for the usage of garments.

In order to prevent cottons from being harmed, seeds and soil will be dealt with pesticide to remove bacteria.

Also, large amount of chemical fertilizers will be utilized to enhance the time for growth of cottons. Defoliant will be sprayed for the convenience of having recovery in the end of the process for cotton- planting.

There is a huge amount of usage during the procedure for cotton- planting. It is really harmful to our environment.

The “Organic cotton” is the sort of cotton which is with much less chemical medicament, including webbing, spinning and dyeing.

The cost of the fields of organic cotton is 50% higher than traditional fields, then the average amount of cottons from organic fields 2/3 of from the amount of traditional.

That’s the reason why items made from organic cotton is higher.

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